Let's bring your project to life

We create your custom software

For all innovators, project leaders who do not have the human and technical resources to design their software, we create your solution with the quality and the requirement LeBot.io.

  • 36 solutions created
  • 10 experts at your side
  • 100 % recommend us

What we create for you

Automated bot
SAAS software
Web application

The advantages of using LeBot.io

More talents

Since 2021, we have brought together the greatest experts in their field to ensure that our clients receive the best service possible. They are passionate, creative and on the cutting edge of technology. The dream team.

More reactivity

Your market is evolving at high speed! You have to be fast or else your competitors will do it for you. By calling on an agency like ours, you are sure to benefit from an optimal quality in the best time.

More peace of mind

You have other priorities than playing project manager with dozens of different providers. You entrust us with the design of your solution, we take care of the rest.

More support

Thanks to a 360° vision of the stakes of your project, we advise you on the design of your solution as well as on its marketing development.

Create your project

From idea to success... there are only 6 steps

1. Framing your needs

We start by identifying together the stakes, the market and the objectives of your solution to be sure of the potential of your product (sometimes, a disappointment is better than a regret).

Then, we advise you and define with you a certain number of points, essential to the creation of your solution: the functionalities, the ergonomics, the responsiveness... with a view to the creation of a schedule of conditions

3. The development of the solution

It's time for development! We integrate all the required functionalities while keeping an optimal user experience.

You are kept informed of the project's progress and we make sure you test a first version as soon as possible.your feedback is directly communicated to our technical teams.

5. Marketing and development

With more than 5 years of experience in marketing and having generated more than 2,500 sales with our own software, we know the levers to activate to ensure your success.

To do this, our experts advise you on the different marketing actions to take to increase your visibility and boost your sales.

2. Graphic design

Our team develops a first prototype of your solution, especially in terms of design and ergonomics.

Together we make regular reviews and make improvements based on your feedback.

4. Delivery and testing of your solution

Once the solution is ready for use, we test it with you to make sure it works.

Every button, every animation, every feature is scrutinized.

6. Monitoring, maintenance and improvement

We maintain your solution, but also monitor it.

If, over time, you notice a malfunction, you send us a message and our team will take care of solving it quickly, and if you want to improve your solution, our experts will be happy to make the necessary updates.

Our guarantees

  • 100% satisfaction - Your software is designed according to your expectations and specifications.
  • Fair Pricing - We do what it takes to design a solution that fits your needs and your budget.
  • Ownership and privacy - Your application is yours. It is protected from being copied or shared.
  • Custom - The features you want to the limit.
  • Long-term vision - We design solutions that are intended to endure and perform well over time.
  • Respect of deadlines - Whether it is the intermediate steps, but also the delivery.